Blade Runner 2!!!


Blade Runner 2 is fucking coming people. I love Blade Runner it’s one of the greatest films ever made, the way it shows off a futuristic L.A. and the insanity of the Philip K. Dick plot; while taking a big budget film into an undisputed classic. In my opinion Blade Runner is right up there with The Matrix as probably the two greatest hard sci-fi films of all time.

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SiikeAndDestroy Review Show – Ep 27: Marvel Legends Spider-Man

Hey all!

Siike (seek) here. Shuddy, Geoff, and Kevin asked if I would like to contribute to their new site, and naturally I agreed (after a full night of them holding me down, shoving hash-brownies down my throat, and taking pictures of me dressed as Cinderalla for blackmail purposes).

Once a week I’ll be sharing my YouTube Review Show with y’all, where I talk about all the nerdy things I love. Mostly toys, but I do an occasional movie and book review as well. I can read!!

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The Flash: So Far, So Good, So Watch It!

This post will feature potential spoilers for any of you who haven’t watched The Flash or Arrow.


Last Warning!

In 2012, the CW, in a sort of ballsy way, gambled big time on a “B level” superhero known as the Green Arrow.  Calling the show simply “Arrow,” they cast a relatively unknown actor in Stephen Amell and told their story of a present day Oliver Queen struggling to accept what he must do to protect his city, while incorporating a strong and arguably better flashback story of Ollie being stranded on the island of Lian Yu.  Wait…isn’t the article titled “The Flash: So Far, So Good, So Watch It!”?

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The Success of DC Comics’ Maiden of Mischief


Goofing around on the internet this morning, I found this awesome article by Abraham Riesman over at Harley Quinn is easily one of the most recognizable villains in Batman’s rogues gallery to the casual fan. This article goes into her history as well as why she has been and continues to be one of DC’s most successful female characters. Check it out.

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The Kingsman Review


I don’t think it’s a particularly popular view to consider a film to be “okay”, but that’s exactly what I would consider The Kingsman. It was a film I had high hopes for that didn’t live up to those and it made me question why I’d had high hopes. I loved Kick-ass and I loved X-Men: First Class and thus I thought Matthew Vaughn would create another film that I would love. The Kingsman made me rethink those two films and I concluded their okay films with a few great performances and very solid editing. Now, to get to the problems with this film. Continue reading

Thanks Ryan! (for the Deadpool costume tease)

Exactly 1 year from now (or 1 year and a day or two), my ass will be plastered to a seat in movie theater for the Deadpool movie. I’m seriously hoping it kick ass, but we all know that anything is going to be better than the abomination they tried to pass off as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Today Ryan Reynolds tweeted out a teaser of the Deadpool costume and it’s made me ore stoked for the movie. Take a look….

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