What We Do In The Shadows: Review

What-We-Do-in-the-ShadowsVampire Real World is here and… it’s pretty fucking hilarious. What We Do in the Shadows is directed and starring the Kiwi’s Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, the latter of which coming from the band/stand-up Flight of the Concords. These types of mockumentary films have begun to tire on me, but this film actually has a lot to offer.

First off the film is incredibly funny and well made. The jokes are pretty constant and although they are similar to jokes seen on shows like The Office, a lot of cool jokes are made about Vampire lore. As with most of these films it comes down to how good the performances are and everyone in this film is incredibly funny.

Jemaine Clement plays the good-looking/weirdly sexual vampire and oozes a strange coolness. Taika Waititi somehow ends up playing the straight man in a vampire film by being this kind of strange Victorian era gentleman. Waititi’s character actually has a lot of heartfelt moments and there’s a very interesting romantic plot laid out with his character. The best jokes, however, end up being about the silent and extremely creepy 4th roommate “Petyr” who is essentially Nosferatu living in the basement. Every time they use that character for a joke, it derails the film in the best way and those moments still make me laugh looking back at them. The characters have so much charm that it makes the film very easy to watch and everyone gets their fair shake to be funny and have time in the spotlight.

I could go on about how good the special effects are (which they are) or how great the set design is, but in the end it’s a comedy and more than those things is just downright hilarious. If you’re looking for a very fun time at the movies and want to laugh your dick off go see What We Do in the Shadows.


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