Blade Runner 2!!!


Blade Runner 2 is fucking coming people. I love Blade Runner it’s one of the greatest films ever made, the way it shows off a futuristic L.A. and the insanity of the Philip K. Dick plot; while taking a big budget film into an undisputed classic. In my opinion Blade Runner is right up there with The Matrix as probably the two greatest hard sci-fi films of all time.

I know most people (I think) will take this news lightly and won’t be very eager to see this film, so why should they be? Because it’s being directed by Denis fucking Villeneuve. If you aren’t familiar with Villeneuve’s work you’ve been sorely missing out on an amazing French Canadian director. His Gyllenhaal films Enemy and Prisoners are both incredible with Enemy in particular being an incredible sign of possible things to come. Enemy fills it’s own kind of neo-noir future and he shoots Toronto in such a way that it seems like a maze and gives that city an elegance few cities have had on film. Villeneuve also made the incredible French film called “Incendes” which is awesome mediation on family and generational loss. This isn’t some half-assed director, or some UCLA kid who hasn’t made a film, but talked with George Lucas once, this is a highly accomplished directors who makes incredibly heady and strange films.

I personally can’t be more excited about this film, and will be in theaters opening day sometime next year. My only reservation is having Ford back because he is quite old now and I feel as though Ridley Scott has spent far too much time talking about this film and the first film. However, these are minor quibbles and if nothing else, I can’t be more excited about one of the world’s best filmmakers getting the chance at a huge budget Sci-Fi action noir.

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