Image Comics: Sons of the Devil #1 (Pre-release review)

Sons of the Devil #1 Releasing May 27, 2015

If you’ve been reading my comic reviews, the last two I’ve done haven’t been very complimentary, and to say that I was ready to read a new book that I would love would be an understatement. The sneak preview pages we posted (here) filled me with anticipation for this book. Read on to find out my thoughts

Last night, I got myself caught up on the current run of Detective Comics, which is written by none other than Brian Buccellato. I knew that I was going to be reading and reviewing Sons of the Devil today, and between the preview pages for this book and the way the most recent story arc wrapped up in Detective Comics, I had high expectations for this book. When I say high, I pretty much mean lofty as hell.

I held off reading this book until I could write the review. I’m glad I did, because I don’t know that I would have been able to keep my mouth shut about it. It’s that fucking good.

From page 1, I was completely immersed in the story. This is how comics should be written. When that first page grabs you and you fade into the story that’s when you know you are reading something special. This is why I fell back in love with comics as an adult.

Some books have a great story with mediocre art. Some others have a mediocre story with great art. Both are enjoyable to read (for the most part). This book hits on all cylinders. It’s as visually striking from an art perspective as it is engrossing from a narrative perspective.

Toni Infante uses what I would say is a gritty art style for this book that lets you know it’s not going to be a story about hugs and warm & fuzzies. Every panel’s art enhances the story, but doesn’t outshine it. It’s the perfect marriage of art and story.

As much as I love the art in this book, the real reason it was a home-run for me is because of Brian Buccellato’s story telling. From the brief glimpse at the origin story of the main character, Travis,  all the way to the last page, the story flows amazingly. You get a sense that overall Travis is a good guy, but you know that there is something boiling up inside of him that wants to be let loose.  Travis isn’t a 1 dimensional character, and this issue does a really fantastic job of making the reader aware of that, with some foreshadowing that he is probably going to go through an internal struggle to determine which side of the good versus evil line he falls on.

I cannot wait for this book to hit the shelves. This is going on my pull list immediately. If you don’t listen to any of my other comic book advice, listen to me on this, buy issue #1 the day it’s released (May 27, 2015). This book is going to be like Walking Dead and Saga. You won’t be able to find earlier issues (especially #1) when everyone else hears the hype. If you snooze on this, you’re going to lose. That’s a Shuddy promise.

The only negative for me is that I have to wait until June for issue number two.

Rating: 9/10

~Shuddy Boy

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