Image Comics: Red One #1

Red One
Red One #1 by Xavier Dorison with art by Terry & Rachel Dodson

9 time out of 10, when you have no idea what the hell is going on in the first few pages of a comic, it doesn’t turn out well. Pretty much anything with the name “Grant Morrison” attached to it immediately comes to mind. Luckily, this book is written by Xavier Dorison and not Grant Morrison. Even though the first 6 pages of this book initially made little sense to me and their last names rhyme, that’s where the similarities end.

I was excited by the premise of this book: Cold War Russia sends a secret agent to the U.S. to become a super hero and steer the American public in the direction the Kremlin wants.

Minus the first few pages of confusion, once the main story kicks in, it’s a fun read. There’s a little bit of action (both of the garden variety, as well as the three-some variety), there’s romance (only of the three-some variety), and Batman is referenced. What more could you ask for?

Seriously though, the story flows nicely with a good amount of explanation (even of what happens in the first few pages). It reads like a super hero book should. For non-comic book readers, that explanation doesn’t really mean anything. If you read comics on a regular basis, hopefully you understand what the hell I’m talking about.

When you are picking up your books this week at your local comic book store, if they have copies of this left, you should snag a copy of this too.

Rating: 8/10

~Shuddy Boy

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