Daredevil Season 1: Review


Warning: The mildest of SPOILERS if you really don’t want to know anything.

Daredevil Season 1 marathon is finally over after a two day period and about 12 hours of television later, it’s almost dizzying to figure out where I stand on this show so far. I was so pumped up for this show for a myriad of reasons; the main consisting of the show runner and the lead actor. I can say after seeing the first season, that unequivocally Charlie Cox is the best part about this show and at least they were able to nail Daredevil.

I first saw Charlie Cox on the show Boardwalk Empire and then again in the Theory of Everything, both of which he was very good in albeit smaller roles. He has a real charm about him that the show rightly plays. Murdock is a relentless blind ladies man, that has two truths about his character; He can take an ass whooping and he basically can sleep with any girl. His interactions with the Priest and his general relationship with religion is always interesting and authentic. The general look of the show is very sleek and the action choreography is really something to marvel at. I also must say I really respect the adult nature of the show, it’s actually quite violent, has some sexy moments and isn’t PG with its language, it feels like a real show and not something Disney.

Alongside Cox are also very good performances by Deborah Ann Woll and Elden Henson, and I’d actually consider the former to be the shows breakout star. She has real pathos and sticks up for herself, while also being vulnerable. The problem with this show is two fold; one being that the shows writing gets worse in the middle section, being essentially from episode 4 until episode 11. The second problem that nearly craters the show is that the Kingpin is just downright poorly written, uninteresting and given an annoying performance.

D’Onofrio has shown to be a very good actor in the past in things like Full Metal Jacket, but here he turns Kingpin into a series of ticks. A kind of eccentric, who never grew up, has phony and unsophisticated tastes in art and food and is a character that none of his equal actually takes seriously. He’s like if Lenny from Of Mice and Men became somehow a behind the scenes shadowy billionaire, because he kept killing girls in barns. The character is so unconvincing that it comes close to ruining the show, because the main conceit of the show is the fact that the Kingpin and Daredevil are meant to mirror each other. The hero villain dynamic here is similar to that of The Dark Knight, the difference between the two men comes down to ideology and essentially whether a man will murder or not murder.

I don’t want to get on the show too much though because I did quite enjoy it. I love Daredevil and am hoping that next season will bring about a new exciting villain and that they can expand on the currently very interesting character dynamics. Charlie Cox is awesome and I trust Goddard and Knight to do cool things with the show going forward. I will certainly be less excited going into next season though (I had huge hopes going into this  one). At the very least next season should have kick-ass action and kick-ass Daredevil and really isn’t that what this is all about.

Game of Thrones is back though!!!


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