Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


It probably isn’t a popular opinion for this site to say that the newest Avengers movie is a dud. Marvel and comic book fans seem to love this film and yet I couldn’t have been more bored or dumbfounded by the choices that Whedon eventually made. The film centers as all of these films seem to have done on machinations made by Tony Stark. Tony Stark is easily the least interesting of all these characters and there isn’t really a reason anyone in the group should like or respect him. As such the movie fails in large part because of this reliance and the fact that it has an equally uninteresting villain.

Don’t get me wrong there are some cool scenes and sections of this film. The arc with Hawkeye is pretty good. Scar Jo, Ruffalo and in particular Chris Evans are all very good. I’ll take a second here to give Evans the credit he deserves because without him these movies would be nearly unbearable. Ultron is such a lame villain, with no motive, no real threat is felt of any kind and he doesn’t even have a plan throughout any part of this film. He kind of wants to destroy the world for no real reason?

Another bad part of this film is with Scarlet Witch and Quiksilver who had for them put together this cheesy unimportant back story that didn’t actually help to make them any more complex. Aaron Johnson is a habitually terrible actor (see Godzilla) and Elizabeth Olsen isn’t used to her strengths, but instead just made to make stupid faces why she uses her telekinesis. These Marvel movies are starting to wear thin and the more obscure we begin going the far less excited I’ll probably be about these things. Like all movies interesting wins; interesting actors/characters/directors and pretty soon the only interest in these I’ll have is for James Gunn films and anything with Chris Evans. Hopefully the next split film will be solid and maybe they’ll actually have Thanos be scary or smart or anything but incredibly boring and tedious.


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