A Week After Comic Con

It’s been a week since San Diego Comic Con, and I miss it just a bit. Lines upon lines to wait in line. This is what I expected and what I got from my first full run of Comic Con. Last year I had done one full day, and was pretty exhausted from all that I had seen and done. This year I thought it would be better since I had the preview night and full week pass. I was completely wrong. The first thing I messed up with was not buying parking in advance which led to at least an hour of driving around downtown until I found a spot I could snag.
Preview night was packed upon entry. Instantaneous long lines formed for each big toy booth and I was quickly pulled into each one on accident. I managed to work my way through the crowds and get a few exclusives that night. Even leaving proved to be a big problem. I got to unwind before the next day, knowing I wouldn’t be in a rush.
   Thursday morning my girlfriend and I arrived full of energy and hope. We didn’t dress up to help us move through the crowds to get to the other exclusives I had missed the night before. From minute one it was packed. We all moved through the isles snapping photos and looking a all the cool stuff. We barely were able to move due to the mass of people. At 11 we proceeded outside to wait with what seemed to be over five thousand people to try to win one of 1500 Lego minifigures. We waited in the heat for four hours until we got to push the sweet iPad random drawing machine. My girlfriend scored one and with that we called it a day. As always leaving proved to be a big problem.
   Friday and Saturday were both the same. Dressed in our Cosplay we fought through crowds to get around and see everything the con had to offer. We ended up getting in line for random panel drawings but after 3 hours all of our choices were gone, so I had to console myself in downtown with lots of beer.
IMG_7264 IMG_7342 IMG_7333Sunday was much better. We arrived early, before doors, and found free parking about three blocks away. We came from the far side and passed by people in the infamous Hall H line. I over heard people saying that they’ve been in line for 24 hours to hopefully get a seat inside. I was determined to get to the Funko booth to score some toys but that proved useless. Getting yelled at to slow down didn’t help and watching the man in front of me snag the last ticket broke my heart. We decided to lag and waste time to see the guys from Supernatural and were able to snap good photos until the crowd moved in and broke the chainsaw arm I had spent so much time making. With that we bid the con farewell and set out to the adult swim area in back. We pre registered so we walked right in and got down to carnival business. After a fee hours we called it quits with sweet prizes in our hands. We got in the car and drove the 4 hours home. It was nice to be away from all of it but instantly I was missing all my brothers in our sardine can. Maybe I’ll plan it out better next time, but winging it for our first full trip was great.