Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/25/15


PastAways #1


Aquaman #40 (Richard Horie Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman And Robin #40 (Tommy Lee Edwards Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman Eternal #51

Catwoman #40 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Flash #40 (Bill Sienkiewicz Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Justice League Dark #40 (Joe Quinones Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #47

Red Lanterns #40

Secret Origins #10

Sinestro #11 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Vampirella #2 (Of 6)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover)


Walking Dead #139


Guardians Of The Galaxy #25

Legendary Star-Lord #10

Nova #28

Damn you DC!

When I walked into my local comic book shop yesterday, I didn’t expect anything other than my normal Wednesday ritual of picking up my weekly books. Instead,¬†by the time I walked out, I knew this months comics were going to hit me hard in the wallet. My copies of Detective Comics #40, Grayson #8, and Green Lantern #40 didn’t have normal covers. Apparently, I missed the memo that DC was doing movie poster variants this month. I’m not talking about hokey gimmick variants that I could care less about. I’m talking about seriously cool variants, that after I did a little research and saw more of the covers coming out this month, I’ve mentally committed myself to buying EVERY SINGLE ONE. Like they did with the 3D Villains variants, the 3D Futures End variants, the Bombshell variants, and the upcoming Convergence¬†story, DC has sucked me in to shelling out the dough to have the complete set of these variants. Keep reading to see all of the covers coming out.

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