Shuddy’s Pull List: 4/8/15

Well, as you can see DC’s Convergence is upon us, and I’m fully committed to buying the whole story, so for the next few weeks any reviews I write will be focused on this story.


Bill And Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #2


Convergence #1

Convergence Batgirl #1

Convergence Batman And Robin #1

Convergence Harley Quinn #1

Convergence Justice League #1

Convergence Nightwing Oracle #1

Convergence Speed Force #1

Convergence Superman #1

Convergence The Atom #1

Convergence The Question #1

Convergence Titans #1 (Of 2)


Jupiter\’s Circle #1

Rat Queens #10

Saga #27

Walking Dead #140


Spider-Man 2099 #11

Spider-Woman #6

Shuddy’s Pull List: 4/1/15


Batman And Robin Annual #3

Batman Eternal #52

Convergence #0

Harley Quinn #16 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #48

Superman Wonder Woman #17 (Gene Ha Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Wonder Woman #40 (David Finch Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Green Hornet #2


Amazing Spider-Man #17

Cyclops #12

Spider-Gwen #3

Uncanny Inhumans #0

Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/25/15


PastAways #1


Aquaman #40 (Richard Horie Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman And Robin #40 (Tommy Lee Edwards Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman Eternal #51

Catwoman #40 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Flash #40 (Bill Sienkiewicz Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Justice League Dark #40 (Joe Quinones Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #47

Red Lanterns #40

Secret Origins #10

Sinestro #11 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Vampirella #2 (Of 6)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover)


Walking Dead #139


Guardians Of The Galaxy #25

Legendary Star-Lord #10

Nova #28

Out of Time: Accidental Time Travel

This is a review of the Flash Season 1 Episode 15 “Out of Time” yes there will be spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens…Don’t read on my friend!


The episode takes us all the way back to week one and the deaths and rebirths of the Mardon brothers by way of STAR Labs particle accelerator exploding, giving them both powers of weather control. Moving on to present day Linda and Barry are at the bowling alley, “I never would have pegged you as someone who likes to bowl” Linda says to Barry who responds “Oh, this is one of my favorite places in the world.” of course they run into Iris and Eddie who join them in a now double date. “You never told me you were such a big fan of bowling” Eddie says, Iris quickly responds “sure I have, it’s one of my favorite places in the world.” Sounds familiar right? There is a lot of set up for bigger things here, especially between Barry and Iris and deep seeded tension between Eddie and Barry. Now to the morgue where Mark Mardon is torturing the coroner for information on who killed his brother Clyde. It’s pretty dark and foreboding during this scene. This scene transitions from dark to playful with Wells and Cisco watching a Buster Keaton flick and eating popcorn. Wells mentions that this movie “must have been before my time.” Cisco tells Wells that he will make him a must watch movie list. These two get really closer than ever in this scene as Cisco talks about having family drama and how it is easier to avoid than interact. There is an alarm now going off at the Central City morgue, back at the bowling alley Eddie gets the text about the silent alarm at the morgue and Barry says he should probably go to,when this is really his cover to investigate first as the Flash. Eddie gives Iris the old cold mean mug shoulder, telling her he’d see her at home. As the Flash races through the streets a very important moment happens for the show, right now why it’s important isn’t important, the Flash looks to his right and sees himself!? It almost doesn’t seem real. When Barry finally comes to a stop, there is a digital clock reading 9:49, an older lady walking some dogs, a guy twirling a sign that reads “Tonight” and a lady calling for a taxi. Barry seems very confused. He then reaches the morgue when Cicso asks in his earpiece what he sees Barry responds “a dead body”. He tells them the coroner is dead. Having set up the crime scene for the morgue the police force with Captain Singh leading the investigation. Clumsy and late Barry stumbles in and into the captain exploding a coffee drink everywhere. Barry tells Joe that Captain Cold didn’t kill the coroner. Eddie brings a tape recorder where Mark Mardon can be heard getting Joe’s name from the coroner, and saying that he would make Joe pay for murdering his brother.


Back at STAR Labs–

“To be able to control weather like that,indoors?” Barry’s says as Cisco fired back “You’d have to be a weather wizard,ohhh been waiting since week one to use that one.”  Not bad Cisco not bad at all. Wells and tow reassure Joe that Mardon will be found and Iris and Joe will be safe. Joe brushes it off “I’m not worried at all.”  Wells says to Barry “well,he’s taking being targeted by a revenge seeking meta-human rather well I might say, don’t worry Barry, Joe will be fine I promise.” Barry asks Wells about seeing another Flash on the way to the morgue, Wells explains that it could be a Speed Mirage (that will be on the test later). Barry says it felt very real to him.  We move on to the police station Joe and Captain Singh are discussing the Mardon threat and Joe is told to head up the search from within the precinct. Barry, Eddie and Joe exit the captains office and Joe asks them both to not tell Iris that he has been targeted and keep her smiling. Again Eddie bring that cold shoulder to Iris, brushing past her on the way to his desk. She asks if Joe and Barry will excuse her and Joe says that is fine because he is taking Barry to lunch. Iris now confronts Eddie who tells her he doesn’t like how Barry and her are around eachother or how that made him feel (jealous). She swears it’s just friends, he is still not ok with it. Now Barry and Joe are in the car scarfing fast food burgers, Barry decides that he wants to ask Joe for advice but hopes to keep it from being complicated to which Joe replies “you’re asking your adopted father for advice about being in love with his daughter, who just so happens to be dating his partner, things have gone way past complicated.” Barry talks about sharing these moments with Iris, a diversion of heavy rain has been with us during this whole conversation when finally then check the radio to hear a clear skies forecast, and realize Mardon is behind them. A totally badass scene where the Weather Wizard (Mardon) summons lighting into the sunroof of Joe’s car to strike him dead but Barry Allen is the Flash and saves him from such a fate, Joes empty car explodes.

At the police station–

Singh confines Joe to the precinct until Mardon is caught, then asks Joe if maybe Iris could contact the Flash which I though was going to get Singh slapped in the mouth courtesy of Joe. Joe really thinks he can catch WW…no, not Walter White but the Weather Wizard. Barry reminds him that he had a little help taking Clyde Mardon down (way back in episode 1) ala the Flash. Now at Central City’s Picture News Iris is talking with her boss about evidence that Harrison Wells is connected to the disappearance of Simon Stags. Her boss pressures her to get the STAR Labs team to tell her what they know about Wells. Iris walks away from that and right into some drama. Linda is confronting Iris about how she interacts with Barry (recurring theme). Linda says she didn’t realize Iris had feelings for Barry. Yikes Iris got it from both sides. Barry and Iris meet for drinks and she asks Barry his thoughts on Wells, Barry swears Wells is a good man and wouldn’t have done anything to Stags. We transition to STAR Labs were Cisco is showing off his “weather wand” and how they can take down Mardon or at least slow him down. Interesting to note that as Wells is wheeling himself away he says calm and blatantly “now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go stretch my legs”. He just told them a literal truth and no one caught it?!  They think it’s his dry sense of humor…Caitlin asks Barry if he is ok, he tells them what Iris had said and it seems maybe we are starting to connect the dots, and no Barry tells them that Wells had nothing to do with the Stags case. Storm clouds over the CCPD and Cisco is giving Joe the weather wand, when he goes to leave Cisco runs into Mardon who has come to confront Joe. As the elevator closes Cicso speed dials Barry to get there in a flash. “Heard you were looking for me,” Mardon exclaims to Joe “here I am.” The two men face off and a Weather Wizard Wind Gust pushes Joe deep into the precinct. Eddie gives the order to take Mardon down and every available cop draws their gun when another gust knocks everyone down. Mardon summons lightning and as he attempts to strike Joe instead strikes Captain Singh (who saved Joe) in the chest. The Flash arrives soon after uses the weather wand on Mardon and rushes Singh to the hospital saving his life. Back at STAR Labs Caitlin is about to leave for the night and after failing to get Cisco’s attention says “Alright, fine,  I will watch every episode of the Walking Dead with you.” Cisco tells Caitlin that if she can keep Wells out of STAR Labs in the morning that he can figure how how his containment chamber failed to contain the Reverse Flash and how that might be connected to Wells.


At the hospital–

Barry gets a coffee and chats with Singh’s fiancé, who admits meeting his future husbands coworkers in the hospital wasn’t how he had planned meeting them. The doctor updates them on Singh’s condition saying he may be paralyzed from the lightning bolt that struck him, and that he may not be the same person he was before. Joe asks if Singh will return to the force and says she doesn’t know if he will walk again. Joe storms off telling Barry he will find Mardon and to keep Iris safe. Back at Picture News Barry is looking for Iris but instead finds her boss Mason Bridge who tells Barry that he has evidence that Wells killed Stags and will be printing the story in Sunday’s paper. Now at STAR Labs Cisco beings diagnostics on his containment chamber and why it failed to contain Reverse Flash. Scene change to Joe sitting in a shady ass neighborhood where he believes Mardon is holed up in an apartment. Joe confronts a shadowy figure that turns out to be Eddie, who said he wouldn’t let Joe do this alone.  Back at Joe’s as Barry walks through the front door and Iris asks if he has heard from Joehevsays no and quickly dispatches the subject. Barry asks Iris if she knows what evidence Mason has against Wells. She says she doesn’t have a clue. Iris asks how Barry and Linnndaa are doing, then tells him that Linda may be hot and nice but she isn’t the girl for Barry. He responds with “then who is.”  Back to STAR Labs where Cisco figures out Reverse Flash was never in the containment chamber and that it was a recording. Back to shadyville Joe and Eddie bust the door of apartment #123 down where they find a Picture News paper with the headline “Serial Criminal Clyde Mardon Dead” Joe realizes they have been lured into a trap as he is sucked out of a window.


The blackened screen blurs us into focus Mardon has captured Joe and has him out on a boat. We learn the night of the particle accelerator explosion Mardon broke every bone in his body when their plane crashed. Joe tells Mardon to get his revenge an eye for an eye, but he wants so much more than an eye. At a cafe Wells and Caitln are having breakfast,to keep Wells From STAR Lab, but Caitlin has a bad poker face and try’s to do everything she can to stall. Back at CCPD Eddie is leading the search for Joe and during his rally the troops speech glares at both Barry and Iris. Iris answered her phone to hear Mardon tell her to go down to the waterfront south side but if she tells police Joe is dead. Barry tells Iris he will go with her and who do they run into as they approach the elevator, Linda you guessed it. Barry tells Linda he doesn’t have time to speak as there is an emergency.back at the cafe Wells convinces Caitlin to get their coffee in to go cups, but when she turns around only the wheelchair and Wells’ glasses are left. Wells knows he is caught and has loose ends to tie up! At STAR Labs Cisco plays the Reverse Flash recording over and as he watched and hears Reverse Flash say “I am nothing like the Flash”, Wells mimics himself and says “some would say I’m the reverse.” Barry and Iris arrive at the water front as Mardon congratulates Joe on being a part of watching everything and everyone Joe ever loved destroyed. Joe begs for his daughters life. Mardon says she will pay for the sins of the father. Back at STAR Labs Wells tells Cisco that he is incredibly clever as he has always said. Cisco stunned says that he knows Wells is the Reverse Flash, Wells responds “you and I have never been truly properly introduced. I am Eobard Thawne.” Yep a distant relative of Eddie we find out. Eobard shows Cisco how he can create a speed mirage of himself. Poor Cisco ask why Eobard would kill Nora Allen to which he admits was an accident and that he meant to kill Barry. He reveals helping Barry become faster is just to help him return to his home, since he’s been stuck in this world for 15 years. Cisco begs to help Eobard and the endgame to come, after he realizes Eobard will kill him. Eobard confesses “do you know how hard it has been to keep all of this from you especially from you? Because the truth is I’ve grown quite fond of you, and in many ways you have shown me what it’s like to have a son” he spears his vibrating hand through and into Cisco’s chest killing him as he says “forgive me, but to me you’ve been dead for centuries.” Back at the water front with the possibility that Barry or her could die, Iris admits that she has been unable to think about anyone except Barry. With that the two FINALLY kiss, and Mardon has sent a tsunami straight for Central City. Barry calls Caitlin who tries to tell him of Wells but he needs to stop the tsunami so she tells him to run the coast line as fast as he can to create a wall of wind. Barry apologizes to Iris telling her that he didn’t want her to find out this way as he speeds not his Flash gear before taking off to run the coast. As he goes faster and faster and faster he explodes into the streets of Central City at night, as he looks to his left he sees a echo of himself running to the morgue. When he stops there is a digital clock reading 9:49, an older lady walking some dogs, a guy twirling a sign that reads “Tonight” and a lady calling for a taxi. Ladies and gentlemen the Flash has successfully time traveled. This moment is a fixed point in time now. 


So after that long winded recap, I just wanted to say that was a 5 star episode and it wasn’t the midseason or season finale just a random Tuesday, and it just made Flash the current must watch show of 2015. Lots of great Easter eggs, some of which were added to the recap others that just kinda hid in plain sight. The show fired on all cylinders and the worst part is that most all of what happened on the episode actually didn’t because of Barry accidentally  time traveling. The best part is that he goes into next week already aware of what could happen so he has a little bit of a leg up on everyone. Check out the Flash on the CW at 8(7cst) Tuesday .

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Damn you DC!

When I walked into my local comic book shop yesterday, I didn’t expect anything other than my normal Wednesday ritual of picking up my weekly books. Instead, by the time I walked out, I knew this months comics were going to hit me hard in the wallet. My copies of Detective Comics #40, Grayson #8, and Green Lantern #40 didn’t have normal covers. Apparently, I missed the memo that DC was doing movie poster variants this month. I’m not talking about hokey gimmick variants that I could care less about. I’m talking about seriously cool variants, that after I did a little research and saw more of the covers coming out this month, I’ve mentally committed myself to buying EVERY SINGLE ONE. Like they did with the 3D Villains variants, the 3D Futures End variants, the Bombshell variants, and the upcoming Convergence story, DC has sucked me in to shelling out the dough to have the complete set of these variants. Keep reading to see all of the covers coming out.

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Shuddy’s Pull List 3/4/15

It’s a light week for me, but I’ll be picking up the issues of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure that have already come out (if they’re available). Hopefully books that were sold out last week that I wanted (Suiciders #1 and Secret Origins #10) will be waiting for me too. Here’s the list. I’ll be reviewing Image Comic’s “Big Man Plans #1 (if it isn’t sold out).

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The Flash: So Far, So Good, So Watch It!

This post will feature potential spoilers for any of you who haven’t watched The Flash or Arrow.


Last Warning!

In 2012, the CW, in a sort of ballsy way, gambled big time on a “B level” superhero known as the Green Arrow.  Calling the show simply “Arrow,” they cast a relatively unknown actor in Stephen Amell and told their story of a present day Oliver Queen struggling to accept what he must do to protect his city, while incorporating a strong and arguably better flashback story of Ollie being stranded on the island of Lian Yu.  Wait…isn’t the article titled “The Flash: So Far, So Good, So Watch It!”?

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The Success of DC Comics’ Maiden of Mischief


Goofing around on the internet this morning, I found this awesome article by Abraham Riesman over at Harley Quinn is easily one of the most recognizable villains in Batman’s rogues gallery to the casual fan. This article goes into her history as well as why she has been and continues to be one of DC’s most successful female characters. Check it out.

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