Review: “Spotlight”

Spotlight is the newest film from director Tom McCarthy that follows the “Spotlight” team of investigative journalists from the Boston Globe, which exposed the Archdiocese of Boston’s cover up of pedophiliac priests from the last 70’s until the early 2000’s. The film stars Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo as the main investigators into the church and follows the actual investigation launched by the team at the Boston Globe.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


It probably isn’t a popular opinion for this site to say that the newest Avengers movie is a dud. Marvel and comic book fans seem to love this film and yet I couldn’t have been more bored or dumbfounded by the choices that Whedon eventually made. The film centers as all of these films seem to have done on machinations made by Tony Stark. Tony Stark is easily the least interesting of all these characters and there isn’t really a reason anyone in the group should like or respect him. As such the movie fails in large part because of this reliance and the fact that it has an equally uninteresting villain.

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It Follows: Review


I must start this review by simply stating that “It Follows” is absolutely an awesome film. I consider myself a horror film fan above all other genres of film and believe in many ways it’s the hardest genre to execute. The music, the editing and the cinematography of this film are so exemplary that really any film fan can appreciate the craftsmanship at work and even when not being scary the film succeeds as great art. Continue reading

John Dies at the End: Review


John Dies at the End is a film that I’ve seen now three times and upon revisiting it recently, reminded myself just how enjoyable it is to watch. This is actually a fantastic film for all you “Poominati” out there because it has lots of drugs, dick jokes, humor and hallucinations. It’s been compared to Bill and Ted and there are similarities, but John Dies at the End is more of an update for the internet age.

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Blade Runner 2!!!


Blade Runner 2 is fucking coming people. I love Blade Runner it’s one of the greatest films ever made, the way it shows off a futuristic L.A. and the insanity of the Philip K. Dick plot; while taking a big budget film into an undisputed classic. In my opinion Blade Runner is right up there with The Matrix as probably the two greatest hard sci-fi films of all time.

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The Kingsman Review


I don’t think it’s a particularly popular view to consider a film to be “okay”, but that’s exactly what I would consider The Kingsman. It was a film I had high hopes for that didn’t live up to those and it made me question why I’d had high hopes. I loved Kick-ass and I loved X-Men: First Class and thus I thought Matthew Vaughn would create another film that I would love. The Kingsman made me rethink those two films and I concluded their okay films with a few great performances and very solid editing. Now, to get to the problems with this film. Continue reading