Sons of the Devil #3 Sneak Peek

Thanks to our good pal, Siike, we have a sneak peek of Image Comics “Sons of the Devil” #3 by Brian Buccellato. I love this book and from what I’ve heard a lot of you have been reading it and loving it too. If you haven’t checked it out yet, what the hell are you waiting for?

Sons of the Devil #3 Cover A by Toni Infante
Sons of the Devil #3 Cover A by Toni Infante
Sons of the Devil #3 Cover B by Cliff Chiang
Sons of the Devil #3 Cover B by Cliff Chiang

SOTD3-page1 SOTD3-page2 SOTD3-pg3


Sons of the Devil #3 hits comic shop shelves July 22nd.


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Shuddy’s Pull List: 4/8/15

Well, as you can see DC’s Convergence is upon us, and I’m fully committed to buying the whole story, so for the next few weeks any reviews I write will be focused on this story.


Bill And Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #2


Convergence #1

Convergence Batgirl #1

Convergence Batman And Robin #1

Convergence Harley Quinn #1

Convergence Justice League #1

Convergence Nightwing Oracle #1

Convergence Speed Force #1

Convergence Superman #1

Convergence The Atom #1

Convergence The Question #1

Convergence Titans #1 (Of 2)


Jupiter\’s Circle #1

Rat Queens #10

Saga #27

Walking Dead #140


Spider-Man 2099 #11

Spider-Woman #6

Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/25/15


PastAways #1


Aquaman #40 (Richard Horie Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman And Robin #40 (Tommy Lee Edwards Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman Eternal #51

Catwoman #40 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Flash #40 (Bill Sienkiewicz Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Justice League Dark #40 (Joe Quinones Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #47

Red Lanterns #40

Secret Origins #10

Sinestro #11 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Vampirella #2 (Of 6)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover)


Walking Dead #139


Guardians Of The Galaxy #25

Legendary Star-Lord #10

Nova #28

Image Comics: Red One #1

Red One
Red One #1 by Xavier Dorison with art by Terry & Rachel Dodson

9 time out of 10, when you have no idea what the hell is going on in the first few pages of a comic, it doesn’t turn out well. Pretty much anything with the name “Grant Morrison” attached to it immediately comes to mind. Luckily, this book is written by Xavier Dorison and not Grant Morrison. Even though the first 6 pages of this book initially made little sense to me and their last names rhyme, that’s where the similarities end.

I was excited by the premise of this book: Cold War Russia sends a secret agent to the U.S. to become a super hero and steer the American public in the direction the Kremlin wants.

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Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/18/2015

Here’s this weeks long list of books I’m getting. Provided I can get my mitts on them, I’m buying 3 new #1’s to review, Boom! Studios “Giant Days”, and Image Comics “Chrononauts” & “Red One”


Giant Days #1


Batgirl #40 (Purple Rain Movie Poster Variant)

 Batman Eternal #50

Batman Superman #20 (Fugitive Movie Poster Variant)

Green Lantern New Guardians #40

New 52 Futures End #46

Supergirl #40 (Wizard of Oz Movie Poster Variant)

Teen Titans #8 (Lost Boys Movie Poster Variant)


Legenderry Red Sonja #2 (Of 5


Chrononauts #1

Red One #1


Amazing Spider-Man #16.1

Silk #2

~Shuddy Boy

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Shuddy’s Pull List 3/4/15

It’s a light week for me, but I’ll be picking up the issues of Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure that have already come out (if they’re available). Hopefully books that were sold out last week that I wanted (Suiciders #1 and Secret Origins #10) will be waiting for me too. Here’s the list. I’ll be reviewing Image Comic’s “Big Man Plans #1 (if it isn’t sold out).

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