So I Bought an Archie Comic…..again

The initial title for this article was going to be “So I Bought an Archie Comic”, because when I first thought about it, I didn’t think I’ve bought any Archie comics since I was a kid, if even then. After doing a minute or two of thinking, I realized 2 years ago I bought the first issue of Afterlife with Archie. I actually thought it was pretty good, but for some reason I didn’t get into it and didn’t purchase or read anymore of it. I’m not an Archie fan, never felt any draw to the story or the characters. I vaguely remember watching “The New Archies” when I was 6 or 7, but I’m so unfamiliar with Archie that I didn’t realize that Sabrina the Teenage Witch was from that universe until I read Afterlife with Archie. Color me clueless.

I read an article on Bleeding Cool a couple months ago that Archie Comics briefly had a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise $350,000.00 to fund a few comics in their new Archie universe after the launch of a new Archie #1, which would bring Archie and Riverdale more into the 21st century. The Kickstarter lasted only a few days before they cancelled it due to internet outrage that a company was using a crowd funding site to raise capital. I didn’t give the book another thought until Monday when I was looking over the list of books coming out this week, I figured I would flip through the book at my local comic shop and if it looked decent I’d give it a shot.

When I go to the comic book store yesterday to pick up my normal stack of books, I found out that Mark Waid (Daredevil) was writing the book and Fiona Staples (Saga) was doing the art. Since I have been really enjoying Mark Waid’s Daredevil run and Fiona Staples art has helped make Saga one of my favorite books, I didn’t even flip through the book, I committed to it site unseen. The only thing I had to figure out was which one of the 22 cover options I was going to get (I decided on the J Scott Campbell Cover).

Archie #1 cover B by J Scott Campbell
Archie #1 cover B by J Scott Campbell

Other than knowing I was a fan of Mark Waid and Fiona Staples’ other work, I went into this book with very little expectations except for it to maybe be a little hokie. That’s always been Archie’s MO right?

As soon as I opened the book, I was happy to see that the art style is Saga-like. Unlike some artists ::cough:: John Romita Jr ::cough::, the similar art style isn’t distracting. Every panel is vibrant & rich, making the story absolutely fun to look at. Mark Waid’s writing is very very good. The book is a different style than Daredevil, with 75%+ of Archie’s dialog is with the reader instead of with other characters. I’ll try not to spoil too much (because this book is worth picking up) but this issue focuses on the recent break of Archie and Betty and how that turns Riverdale High on it’s ear. I definitely enjoyed it, and the hinting of Veronica’s arrival have made me want to pick up issue 2 to see where everything heads. One issue is a little early to commit, but it was enjoyable and if the coming issues continue that trend, they may just have convinced me to become a regular Archie reader.

Rating: 7.5/10


Avengers: Age of Ultron Review


It probably isn’t a popular opinion for this site to say that the newest Avengers movie is a dud. Marvel and comic book fans seem to love this film and yet I couldn’t have been more bored or dumbfounded by the choices that Whedon eventually made. The film centers as all of these films seem to have done on machinations made by Tony Stark. Tony Stark is easily the least interesting of all these characters and there isn’t really a reason anyone in the group should like or respect him. As such the movie fails in large part because of this reliance and the fact that it has an equally uninteresting villain.

Continue reading

Shuddy’s Pull List: 4/8/15

Well, as you can see DC’s Convergence is upon us, and I’m fully committed to buying the whole story, so for the next few weeks any reviews I write will be focused on this story.


Bill And Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #2


Convergence #1

Convergence Batgirl #1

Convergence Batman And Robin #1

Convergence Harley Quinn #1

Convergence Justice League #1

Convergence Nightwing Oracle #1

Convergence Speed Force #1

Convergence Superman #1

Convergence The Atom #1

Convergence The Question #1

Convergence Titans #1 (Of 2)


Jupiter\’s Circle #1

Rat Queens #10

Saga #27

Walking Dead #140


Spider-Man 2099 #11

Spider-Woman #6

Shuddy’s Pull List: 4/1/15


Batman And Robin Annual #3

Batman Eternal #52

Convergence #0

Harley Quinn #16 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #48

Superman Wonder Woman #17 (Gene Ha Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Wonder Woman #40 (David Finch Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Green Hornet #2


Amazing Spider-Man #17

Cyclops #12

Spider-Gwen #3

Uncanny Inhumans #0

Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/25/15


PastAways #1


Aquaman #40 (Richard Horie Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman And Robin #40 (Tommy Lee Edwards Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Batman Eternal #51

Catwoman #40 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Flash #40 (Bill Sienkiewicz Movie Poster Variant Cover)

Justice League Dark #40 (Joe Quinones Movie Poster Variant Cover)

New 52 Futures End #47

Red Lanterns #40

Secret Origins #10

Sinestro #11 (Dave Johnson Movie Poster Variant Cover)


Legenderry Vampirella #2 (Of 6)(Sergio Fernandez Davila Virgin Variant Cover)


Walking Dead #139


Guardians Of The Galaxy #25

Legendary Star-Lord #10

Nova #28

Marvel Comics: Howard the Duck #1

Howard the Duck has been in a bunch of comics since his first appearance in “Adventure into Fear” #19 from 1973. I have read exactly 0 of those comics. My only experience with Howard the Duck is from the 1986 cinematic masterpiece. There is no sarcasm in that statement. Howard the Duck was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and I still enjoy watching it to this day (which is why I’ve owned it since the first day it was ever released on DVD). The movie is even mentioned before you even get passed the introduction page. Continue reading

Shuddy’s Pull List: 3/18/2015

Here’s this weeks long list of books I’m getting. Provided I can get my mitts on them, I’m buying 3 new #1’s to review, Boom! Studios “Giant Days”, and Image Comics “Chrononauts” & “Red One”


Giant Days #1


Batgirl #40 (Purple Rain Movie Poster Variant)

 Batman Eternal #50

Batman Superman #20 (Fugitive Movie Poster Variant)

Green Lantern New Guardians #40

New 52 Futures End #46

Supergirl #40 (Wizard of Oz Movie Poster Variant)

Teen Titans #8 (Lost Boys Movie Poster Variant)


Legenderry Red Sonja #2 (Of 5


Chrononauts #1

Red One #1


Amazing Spider-Man #16.1

Silk #2

~Shuddy Boy

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First Full Trailer for Marvel/Netflix “Daredevil”

As soon as I got home last night, the very first thing I did was throw YouTube up on my TV to watch the first full length trailer for Daredevil that was released yesterday. I’ve been looking forward to this show since it’s been announced. My anticipation grew when they announced Charlie Cox (Boardwalk Empire)** would be playing Matt Murdoch/Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio (Adventures in Babysitting) ** would be playing Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. The initial teaser trailer, as well as the motion poster they released got me even more and more pumped for the show. To say I was brimming with anticipation would be a complete and total understatement. I was practically school girl giddy as I was setting it up to play.  Continue reading