John Dies at the End: Review


John Dies at the End is a film that I’ve seen now three times and upon revisiting it recently, reminded myself just how enjoyable it is to watch. This is actually a fantastic film for all you “Poominati” out there because it has lots of drugs, dick jokes, humor and hallucinations. It’s been compared to Bill and Ted and there are similarities, but John Dies at the End is more of an update for the internet age.

Currently on Netflix.

The internet age and reddit community gave birth to a kind of new-age philosophy that is essentially logic and drug infused thought experiments. People who do mushrooms and LSD wonder about time paradoxes, wormholes and inter-dimensional travel. This is the philosophy of John Dies at the End and it loves more than anything living in this post-post modern world to poke fun at itself and poke fun at itself poking fun at itself. The film transcends what would be seen like a sophomoric effort because of its veteran filmmaker, Don Coscarelli.

Don Coscarelli is a humongous figure in the “cult film”/underground scene. His films Phantasm, Bubba Ho-tep and The Beastmaster are all films with huge followings. Phantasm, in my opinion, is a particularly awesome film that I originally watched when I was a kid and has age beautifully. It’s actually rather astounding that this film was directed by him because of its feeling of youth and experimentation. The film is also seemingly of a different era due to awesome practical effects and creatures that only a master of his craft can put together.

It’s difficult to review a film like this because it’s very easy to see how someone could be turned off by its flow. If nothing else though, this film should be seen by everyone because if you’re able to buy into its rhythm, you’ll have found yourself one hell of a film and one hell of a mushroom movie.


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