The Adventures of Solestar artist profile: Maddison Nielsen

revisedSolestarCoverThis is part 2 of our on-going series of artist profiles for “The Adventures of Solestar”. Don’t forget it’s on sale now and available through CreateSpace or through our Amazon (search Adventures of Solestar). $8 from every copy sold on CreateSpace goes towards the donation being made to the Brain Aneurysm Foundation, and $3 from every copy sold on Amazon goes towards those funds. Maddison Nielsen


How did you hear about “The Adventures of Solestar”?

Via my friend, and the writer of the comic itself, Mr. Siike Donnelly, as well as our mutual friend and Siike’s co-conspirator, Alex Wilson.

After hearing about the book and the cause, why did you feel it was important for you to be a part of it?

Meeting Siike had a profound effect on me; the fact that he’d had an aneurysm and yet still managed to push himself to be creative and work past the pain it had caused him was really inspiring to me. I wanted to be a part of anything that could help people like Siike, who do have so much to offer & give to the world, but have been debilitated by this tragic occurrence. And what better way to give my part then doing what I do best, art!

– As one of 150+ artists to work on the book, how did you approach the process of creating your part for the book? Was it more difficult than working on a piece completely from start to finish?

Having never created a piece of art for a professional venture, I was equal parts excited and nervous to do something for Solestar. I’ve always been the kind of person who just draws what they draw without any expectations of people seeing it or possibly getting it published, so personally, the pressure was on for me to make something great. I tend to work on a piece until it’s done in a matter of days–I am a completionist that can’t really juggle many projects at once. So I just focused on my piece as much as possible and trying to create the most effective pose and textures I could to make Siiike’s character, Boom, shine. Over the course of three days, she was complete!

– Siike grew up with comics, inspired a lot by his favorite; Superman. If you could translate your favorite book/movie or draw one issue of your favorite comic book (that you haven’t already), who would it be and why?

I know Siike will share my belief that Spider-Gwen is shaping up to be fantastic, despite being in her very early stages–still, the character design and my love for Gwen Stacy would make writing an issue of that fantastic. On the more literary side of things, I’ve always been exceptionally inspired by Ralph Steadman, famed Hunter S. Thompson portraitist, and always thought that doing a graphic novel about Hunter himself based off his gonzo works would be a blast.

– Where can people find more of your work and do you have a social media site you’d like to plug?

I have no professional online portfolio as of right now, but I’m always welcome to more twitter followers @myndirnotur!

5 by Maddison
“The Adventures of Solestar” Page 5, by Maddison Nielsen

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